Apprenticeship and Training Program

Advanced Fire Protection Systems participates in the Associated Builders and Contractors craft training apprenticeship program.


Associated Builders and Contractors helps its members and the merit shop construction community in creating a qualified workforce now and for the future. Construction craft training increases productivity and safety, and it gives construction workers a considerable advantage over those trained by informal means. The program is governed by the Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Council, as recognized by the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training.


AFPS believes the formal training in technical and theoretical subjects pertinent to the fire protection trades greatly improves the knowledge, efficiency, and professionalism of our employees. It one of our tools to uphold the highest industry standards in the workplace and ensuring customer satisfaction.


Applicants are interviewed, screened, and tested for suitability according to established standards. Qualified applicants sign an Apprenticeship Agreement, commiting to apply themselves diligently and abide by the standards and regulations set forth by the Apprenticeship Committee.


The apprentice must complete 144 hours of classroom instruction per year and a total of 8,000 hours of on-the-job training to complete the program and graduate as a Journeyman. This is no small commitment for a person working full time in the construction trades. It demonstrates the apprentice’s desire to become one of the most highly skilled, best trained, safest, and most productive workers in the industry.