4 Common Causes of Electrical Fires

A faulty outlet or wiring is one of the common causes of electrical fires.

All fires are dangerous, but electrical fires can form behind the walls, making it hard to detect until it’s too late. Electrical fires are the most common during December and January because of the fact that more heating appliances and lights are used. They occur most often in bedrooms, but can occur in any room in the home. Here are four common causes of electrical fires to help make you more aware.

Faulty Outlets/Wiring

Majority of electrical fires occur as a result of a faulty outlet or an outdated appliance. They could also be caused by faults in the cords of the appliances or the switches. You never want to use an appliance that had a damaged or frayed cord. Running cords under rugs can also cause electrical fires. It’s a good idea to occasionally inspect outlets, appliances, and wiring to make sure they are working properly.


When buying light bulbs for your lighting fixtures, you want to make sure you purchase the correct wattage. Using a wattage that is too high for the fixture can lead to electrical fires. In addition, putting paper or cloth over top of a lampshade can lead to fires as well. You want to also replace any light fixtures that are faulty and not working properly.

Extension Cords

Extensions cords are meant for temporary use only. Appliances should always be plugged directly into an outlet rather than into an extension cord. Keeping things plugged into them for too long can lead to electrical fires. An electrician can easily install the appropriate outlets needed for appliances if you don’t have them.

Space Heaters

These portable heaters are great for keeping the home cozy and warm when it gets cold outside. However, to ensure safety, be careful where you place them in the home and how long you keep them plugged in. Don’t put space heaters too close to anything like beds, chairs, couches, rugs, etc. Coil heaters can be especially dangerous because if the coils get too hot, they can instantly ignite a flammable surface.  

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