How To Ensure Safety When Using A Fire Hydrant

Water from a fire hydrant shoots out at over 100mph, so it is important to be safe when using one.


We all see fire hydrants everytime we drive down the street, but most of us don’t think twice about what they are for or how to use one. This is also because not everyone is allowed to use a fire hydrant; They are only for people that are qualified. People like contractors, street cleaners, and emergency personnel make use of fire hydrants. For those who do use fire hydrants, here is how to ensure safety.

Get A Permit

The first thing you need to do to ensure safety when using a fire hydrant is to get a permit to use it. Pretty much all cities require that you get a permit in order to use a hydrant. This ensures that no one is using a fire hydrant for the wrong reasons. You can apply for a permit through your city government or their water authority. You want to apply for the permit well before the date that you need to use it.

Secure The Area

When you are about to use the fire hydrant, you want to rope off the area around it so that no one is able to come too close. Hydrants shoot water out at over 100mph, so it is important that no one gets hit by the water stream because it could cause injury. Before you open the hydrant, make sure it is stable and doesn’t have any loose parts.

Opening The Hydrant

To ensure safety when opening the hydrant, you want to use the hydrant tool that is specifically for opening. The valves typically need to be turned counter clockwise. It is very important that you open the valve slowly and open it all the way. Opening it partially can cause damage to the hydrant itself and could injure you.

Closing The Hydrant

Just like when you open it, make sure you close it slowly and completely. There is a socket on the hydrant that you turn clockwise to close it. After you have closed it all of the way, watch the fire hydrant for a little while after to make sure that the water flow stops from all parts of the device.


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