Fire Engine vs. Fire Truck

Fire engines are the vehicles that have multiple hoses attached to them, used for extinguishing and controlling the flames.

Before doing more research on fire trucks and engines, I believed that the two words were interchangeable. However, fire trucks and fire engines are actually two different things. Firefighters use both for emergency situations, but they serve different purposes. Here is the difference between a fire truck and a fire engine.

Fire Engine

The fire engine is normally the first vehicle to arrive on the scene in the event of a fire. It contains a fire pump, a water tank, and thousands of feet of hoses with a lot of power. The water tank holds hundreds of gallons of water and is what firefighters use as their water source until they are able to get connected to a fire hydrant. Fire engines also has extra materials stored in them such as nozzles and other tools needs for the hoses to function properly.

Fire Truck

The fire truck is what actually transports the firefighters to the scene. The fire truck doesn’t have hoses or a water source. Rather, it has other equipment needed such as ladders, power tools, and rescue gear for the firefighters to wear. The fire engine is more for containing and extinguishing the fire itself, while the fire truck is more for rescuing people and saving as many lives as possible. The firefighters that come on the truck are more focused on monitoring the fire, rescuing people inside, trying to ventilate the home as much as possible, and providing any emergency medical treatment to victims.

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