What Kinds of Fire Detectors Are Out There?

Fire Detector

What kind of fire detector is suitable for your facility?

We all know the basics for fire detectors; they let us know when there is a fire in our homes and businesses so we can either put them out or evacuate quickly and safely. However, did you know that there are different kinds of detectors that work in different ways to sense a fire? Depending on your needs, what kind of building you have, or even what kinds of fires can occur in your space will determine what kind of fire detector is best for you. The four types of fire detectors are triggered by either smoke or heat and have different detection methods.


Photoelectric fire detectors work by detecting refracted light. When smoke enters a room, the light becomes scattered, which will trigger the fire alarm. This alarm is very reliable and rarely ring a false alarm.


Ionization fire detectors work by detecting smoke when it enters the chamber of the detector. In the device itself, there are two metal plates that have an electric current running between them. When smoke enters the chamber, it disrupts the electric current and triggers the alarm. This type of fire detector is great for fast-burning fires, as they can detect fires early.


A heat detector is exactly what it sounds like, it works by detecting heat in the air from flames. These detectors are not ideal for places with a lot of steam, dust, or humidity as they can cause false alarms and they have a longer reaction time than other fire detectors, which means the fire must be larger for it to detect. However, they are ideal for buildings that are not occupied all of the time, like warehouses or storage facilities.

Combination Photoelectric & Ionization

A combination fire detector is considered a favorite amongst many professionals because they combine the best parts of photoelectric and ionization fire detectors. These are generally considered the best type of detector as they can detect smoke quickly and effectively.

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