How To Protect Your Workplace During The Winter

How To Protect Your Workplace During The Winter

During the cold, winter months, fires have the ability to quickly rise due to the weather.

The winter time brings incredibly cold temperatures, to the point where it becomes unbearable outside. This freezing air can also cause your pipes to malfunction. During the cold, winter months, fires have the ability to quickly rise due to the weather. The office (or workplace) has a fun atmosphere around the holiday season, so make sure you keep it fire-hazard free at all times. Whether you believe it or not, these dangerous situations can easily occur.


During the holiday season, practically every business gives their employees time off. The office is empty, but that doesn’t mean the threat for fire goes away. You want to give yourself that peace of mind that’s needed. A simple way to avoid any potential hazard is by unplugging any and all electronics. This is a common way for office fires to start. They end up overheating and then it goes downhill from there. You have the ability to create a timed system, which would significantly decrease risk. Space heaters are also frequently used in the winter, so make sure they’re all completely turned off.


When the cold sets in, the pipes tend to freeze. These winter temperatures can lead to pipes bursting as a result. It’s absolutely imperative that you take a proactive approach to the pipes of the building, especially those that facilitate water for the sprinkler system. By wrapping them in sleeves, you’re taking the smart approaching toward protection from a potential fire outbreak.

Have Consistent Testing

Maintenance and testing is crucial for any device, but especially when it comes to fire protection systems and equipment. You can’t leave the workplace for the holiday season without making sure everything is functional. A fast and accurate fire alarm system can be the difference between life and death.

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