The Steps To Designing The Perfect Fire Protection System For Your Business

A fire protection system is more than just a simple fire alarm, requiring detection systems, suppression systems, and regular maintenace as well.

A big element of a successful business is ensuring that it is safe and secure in all aspects. This includes preparing your business for emergencies that haven’t occurred yet, such as fires. Your main goals when designing a fire protection system is to save lives, protect property, and reduce recovery time for your business. Here are the steps to designing the perfect fire protection system for your business.

Code Compliance

This is the first thing you should always consider when creating a fire protection system because it’s required. Codes are the legal minimum requirements that you have to meet for your business. Fire codes can even vary from city to city, so make sure you look into the fire codes you must follow for your specific area.

Detection System

The first thing your fire protection system needs is a detection system and with modern technology, these systems are getting a lot smarter. They can now differentiate between different levels of danger. You could also invest in a heat detector that will trigger alarms before smoke even comes into play. Having a good detection system gives you a chance to extinguish a small fire before it becomes a major problem.

Alarm & Notification

Fire alarms are essential in any building. You need alarms that alert the people inside of the building of a fire as well as alerting emergency personnel so they can respond immediately. Technology allows notification systems to direct emergency responders to the exact location of the alarm so no time is wasted. You can also implement recorded messages that instruct the people inside on what to do. Alarm systems can also connect to a building’s ventilation system to control smoke, which is good for high traffic buildings.

Suppression System

The alarm system will set off the suppression system, which is designed to help contain the fire until it can be extinguished. The most popular suppression system is a sprinkler system, which releases water when a fire is detected. The sprinklers are heat sensitive and will activate when they get too hot. This helps contain smoke as well as the fire. For businesses where sprinklers can’t be used (if water will damage equipment), there are also chemical suppression systems.


A fire protection system is no good if the equipment doesn’t work because it wasn’t properly maintenanced. Make sure you are getting your equipment inspected by professionals at least once a year to ensure everything is working correctly.

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