What To Do If There’s A Workplace Fire

In the event of a workplace fire, you want to make sure that your fire evacuation plan is implemented and everyone remains calm.

The last thing we want to think about is a fire in the workplace, but unfortunately it is something that happens from time to time. You want to make sure that even if a fire never occurs, you are prepared for one just in case. Being prepared can save a lot of lives. Here is what to do if there’s a workplace fire.

Sound The Alarm

If your business doesn’t have an automatic system or for some reason it didn’t go off, the first thing you want to do is sound the fire alarm. This will alert everyone in the building that there is an emergency and that they need to evacuate the premises. It’s a good idea to designate and train certain staff members to act as fire marshalls so that in case of a workplace fire, they are automatically responsible for calling 911 and ensuring that the fire evacuation plan is implemented correctly. If there are no designated fire marshals, call 911 yourself.


All employees should stop whatever it is they are doing and leave the building. It is so important to REMAIN CALM when evacuating. If everyone panics, there can end up being a lot more harm done than good. There should be an escape route already in place for employees to take. Never take an elevator if there is a fire in the building. If the escape route happens to be blocked by the fire, close all doors and windows in the room that you are in and wait for emergency services to arrive to get you out safely.  

Head Count

Once it seems that everyone has evacuated, you want to do a headcount. This precautionary step makes sure that every person that was inside the building has evacuated safely. If you notice that there are a few people that aren’t accounted for, do not go back inside to try and find them. You want to inform the emergency services that some people may be trapped inside and allow them to safely evacuate the rest of the people inside. Regular workplace fire drills will help to ensure that if a fire does break out, everyone knows how to get out safely.

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