The Value of System Testing

The Value of System Testing

System testing is a necessary function, and every successful fire protection system goes through it constantly.

System testing is an important part of every successful fire prevention and fire protection system. While the regular testing and inspections might seem like a big headache and interruption to the workday, they are critical to preventing major losses in the event of a fire or accident. Why is system testing such a great thing to invest in for your business?

Save Money

Did you know that many different commercial property insurance providers will offer substantial discounts on insurance policies if your business can provide proof of regular fire alarm system testing? This saves you money every day of the year! Additionally, system testing that identifies problems can save you major money in the form of preventing property and life losses that cost a great deal in damage and lawsuits after the fact.

Save Lives

Most importantly, fire alarm system testing can save lives. Fire alarms are a critical way to alert people in a building that there is a problem inside of the building. Without properly working fire alarms, people inside of your building will lose seconds or minutes that could mean the difference between injuries, life, or death. The time and money you spend system testing could (and will) save lives if a fire occurs.

Meet the Standards

Most insurance companies and municipalities require commercial buildings to have regular system testing performed. If you fail to meet testing deadlines or testing standards, you could face steep fines. If you completely skip testing altogether, your building could eventually be shut down by the fire department.

Stop Nuisance Alarms

Nuisance alarms cost time and money, so the nuisance alarms you will eliminate will greatly pay off in the long run. Many nuisance alarms occur as a result of faulty wiring or alarm systems. Testing will identify the source of the problem and make the adjustments necessary for it to work again.

Fire Prevention and Protection Services from Advanced Fire Protection Systems

Advanced Fire Protection Systems is committed to providing all of our commercial and residential customers with effective and appropriate fire protection systems. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to meet all of your fire protection needs and keep your business running. We provide full-service design, construction, testing, and maintenance for all water-based fire protection systems. Let us use our years of experience to protect your residential or commercial property from fires. To get started with Advanced Fire Protection Systems today, contact us online or give us a call at 443-557-0321.

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