What Type Of Fire Evacuation Plan Is Best For Your Business?

You need to know what fire evacuation plan is best for your business.

A fire evacuation plan is necessary, whether you work for a small business or a large corporate office. Though we all hope that we never have to use the plan, it is important in ensuring our safety in the event of an emergency. Every building is required to have some sort of fire notice up to inform staff of the route they should take to evacuate. However, depending on the size and type of business you have, there are different methods of fire evacuation. Here is some information on the types of fire evacuation plans.

Simultaneous Evacuation

This is the method that you practiced over and over while in grade school to make sure everyone got it right. This is a good strategy for average sized businesses and schools as mentioned before. In a simultaneous evacuation, one fire alarm is sounded throughout the entire building.  Upon hearing this alarm, everyone should immediately evacuate the premises and go a safe distance away from it. When everyone is evacuating at once, it is important to leave in an orderly fashion to avoid chaos and possibly trampling one another.

Vertical Phased Evacuation

This is made for bigger, more complex buildings, generally with a lot of floors. With this type of evacuation, the people who are closest to the fire evacuate first and everyone else follows suit if necessary. It is called a vertical evacuation because it goes by floor. The floor that the fire is on and the one above it are the ones that evacuate immediately and then they continue by floor after that. This method requires an alarm system that can give off separate signals or one that can give voice messages. Because this method takes longer, it is smart for the building to have other fire precautions such as sprinklers and fire control points.

Staff Alarm Evacuation

For businesses that have a large amount of consumer and public traffic (i.e. movie theaters), a staff alarm evacuation is smart. It Is not always a good idea to sound a loud fire alarm when there are a lot of public members present because It could cause a panic. Instead, the staff should be well versed in the evacuation plan and should be notified first so they can assist. Following this, a general notice can be given to the public so that everyone can be evacuated.

Defend In Place

When you have a business that is hard to get people out of, it might be best to keep everyone in place until it is absolutely necessary to evacuate. Firefighters will do everything they can to put out the fire before anyone must leave. This goes for places like hospitals and nursing homes where you might have some patients on life support or connected to IV’s. When using any method that isn’t a simultaneous evacuation, make sure to consult with a fire and rescue service to make sure that is the best decision.

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