The 4 Ways To Avoid Fires In The Home

The 4 Ways To Avoid Fires In The Home

This winter, make sure you’re taking the proper steps to avoid a fire breaking out.

House fires are a serious threat, whether it’s a single family home or even your apartment. Especially during the winter, the number of accidental fires can quickly increase. These accidents should never occur though, because they’re completely preventable. The home is a place where we’re supposed to be at our most comfortable, which is why house fires are incredibly unfortunate. This winter, make sure you’re taking the proper steps to avoid a fire breaking out.

In The Kitchen

The kitchen is a place where a lot of action occurs, as it’s generally considered the heart of the home. A majority of fire situations originate in the kitchen. Why? Because cooking with the stove uses fire, and it can lead to danger if not properly managed. The best way to avoid an outbreak is by truly giving your stove the full attention it deserves. If you need to leave the kitchen, simply turn off the heat beforehand. The same technique applies to the oven as well.

Heating The Home

During the winter, the temperatures can fall down to frigid temperatures. How do we combat those frigid temperatures? We turn the heat up. It’s a simple solution, but it’s also one that you need to be conscious of at all times. One trouble spot is the use of electric space heaters. They get the job done, but you need to be smart about them, and make sure they’re kept a few feet away from other objects. Another way to avoid any mishap is by having your heating system consistently inspected and tested by professionals.


Smoking is a health issue to begin with, meaning you should try to avoid the habit itself. It’s a known cause of death on its own. The unknown fact is that smoking is also a primary cause of home fire deaths. After smokers finish, they tend to flick their butts, which can sometimes still be smoldering. The danger is when these butts come into contact with a flammable surface. The best defense is to have a rule that no smoking should be allowed indoors. It will most likely take away any potential for a fire to break out.


During the cold season, homeowners like to set the mood and bring warmth by lighting candles around the place. An open flame is obviously a risky move, and simply knocking it over can cause a fire. Battery operated candles may be the best alternative, as it clearly prevents any hazard.

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