How Can You Maintain Your Fire Extinguishers?


Fire Extinguishers

Having fire extinguishers on hand is a necessity for fire safety but you must also maintain them and make sure they work properly.

Everytime you walk into a building, it is nearly guaranteed there is a fire extinguisher nearby, ready to spring into action if there is an emergency. However, what if you reached for that extinguisher and it didn’t work? This can happen without regular maintenance and inspections! Luckily, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requires that all portable fire extinguishers are inspected on a monthly basis and maintained by a licensed fire protection company yearly.


Check for a Charge & Type

Did you know that your fire extinguisher has a charge? Making sure your extinguishers are fully charged is important for keeping consistent pressure when you need to use it. Also, there are different types of extinguishers based on different types of hazards. For example, a bookstore has very different fire protection needs than a restaurant. You can check with a fire protection company or the fire marshal if you’re unsure what type of extinguisher you need for your space.

Do a Visual Inspection

Checking for obvious physical damage to your fire extinguisher is a great way to see if you need professional maintenance. Damage like dents or other markings don’t necessarily mean that your fire extinguisher is unusable or broken. Sometimes, dented extinguishers are tested and then returned to service; all maintenance history information will be available on an inspection tag.

Test the Hardware

Sometimes, fire extinguisher hardware can get clogged or damaged, so it’s important to check those and test them regularly. While you should not detach the hose yourself, if you think there is a clog, it can be completely replaced by a fire protection company. There can also be damage to the pin, handle, or lever, so you should check those as well.

Check Your Bracket & Clean it

Finally, before you put your fire extinguisher back on the bracket, make sure that it’s the correct one for your type of extinguisher and that it’s installed correctly. Check for damage like cracks other dents and wipe off any dirt or other buildup and ensure the gauge is legible.

Fire Prevention and Protection Services from Advanced Fire Protection Systems

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