Why Inspection Is a Necessity

Why Inspection Is a Necessity

Over time, even a well-maintained fire protection system will have wear and tear. Inspection is necessary.

Chances are, your business has a fire protection system installed that is designed to alert you if a fire occurs and stop the spread. However, if you are not having regular fire alarm system inspections, your fire protection system might not work when you need it the most. Why are annual fire alarm inspections a necessity and not simply a nuisance?

Wear and Tear

Over time, even a well-maintained fire protection system will have wear and tear. Every commercial fire alarm system should be regularly inspected for signs of wear and tear and repaired if necessary. Since fire alarm systems are essentially mechanical and electronic systems, they will eventually get old and need to be replaced entirely. Older fire alarm systems that have old parts should be updated and replaced. Keep in mind that old fire protection systems also have higher risks of part malfunctions including battery failure and circuit board problems. Annual fire alarm testing and inspection can identify and fix problems before a fire occurs.

It’s the Law

The most obvious reason why fire inspection is necessary is the law! Commercial properties and businesses are required to have annual fire alarm system inspections by the fire marshal or local fire authority. Inspectors will examine your entire fire protection system and look to see if there are any fire code violations. They will identify and cite you for any violations and tell you how to correct the problem. Unfortunately, violations often cost your business money before you even pay for the repairs! Paying for a professional fire inspection before your local authority comes to examine your property can save you money and identify problems before you are penalized.


Finally, annual fire alarm system inspections will protect your business, your employees, and all of your customers. A fire alarm system that is in disrepair is the same as no fire alarm system, after all.

Fire Prevention and Protection Services from Advanced Fire Protection Systems

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