Did you know?


Contrary to what you might see in the movies, if one fire sprinkler goes off, they don’t all go off. Sprinklers are triggered individually by heat. In most fires only one or two sprinklers go off.

Sprinklers are effective first responders to a fire. In most cases they have put down the fire by the time the fire department arrives. Smoke damage is permanent, but water damage from a sprinkler is easily cleaned up.


In an emergency, the most important priority is saving lives. Whether they are in a commercial building, a residential high rise, or a small home, properly installed and inspected sprinklers save lives. For real-life stories of how sprinklers help, including a US map of these stories, visit SprinklerSaves.com.



It’s easy to forget to check your emergency and exit lights. If left unchecked, you won’t know if they are working until the power goes out, which is when you need them! But in an emergency, you will be glad that they are working. We include these inspections as part of our service.