Service and Maintenance

We hope you never need to use your sprinkler and fire alarm systems. But in case you do, you’ll want them in good working order. Through regular maintenance we can detect early on when something goes wrong, making it cheaper and easier to fix.


We are skilled at identifying and fixing the cause of the problem, not just treating the symptoms. Often we are called in after others have tried and failed to fix the root of the problem. We don’t sub-contract—we use our own certified technicians, including our own electricians.


We service anything from a leaking sprinkler head to a new fire pump assembly. We provide service and maintenance on all makes, models, and types of sprinkler and fire alarm systems, emergency lights, fire extinguishers, underground utilities, and fire hydrants. Our goal is to educate you on how you can meet national standards and prevent issues in the future.


One thing that separates us from larger companies is how we handle emergency service calls. Your call will be answered by a live representative with the authority to dispatch a crew immediately to your location. In some cases we can walk you through a solution on the phone—saving you the expense of an after-hours service call.